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Ren Bergeron
Aug 16, 2021
In Share Your Story
To the incredibly strong women who support WWSCD, here is your space to post your stories of assault, harassment, inappropriate situations and comments, etc., that have shaped your lives and are all too common amongst women in and out of STEAM fields. This space is meant to focus on the empowerment of you as the experiencer of those aforementioned situations and what you have done post-experience to bring power back into your life and towards your perception of self; not revenge, self-loving justice. How have you put more good into the world despite the trauma you may have been through, or how did you find help/learn a solution to protect yourself? Men, and every other gender identity, are welcome to comment their stories as well. If you are reviewing these comments and are not comfortable with telling your own story yet, or if you do not have one, take these individual moments as proof of the adversity faced by countless people and learn from their empowered reflections. After detailing your own account, imagine your perpetrator, look them in the eyes and tell them to WATCH WHAT SHE CAN DO.
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Ren Bergeron

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